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Mobile Health (mHealth) and Telemedicine solutions
to improve your wellness, without having to go to the doctor 🪐.

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  • Medical conditions, pain medication and recovery? Who can I call for specialist advice?
  • Question about a diagnosis, a treatment, a report, surgery or post operative care?
  • No insurance doctor near me? How to see medical specialists without insurance plans?
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    sosvc departments

    Orthopedics near me, all medical specialists:


    Emergency Orthopedic Clinic

    All about broken bones treatment, joint pain after surgery and recovery, sos orthopedic urgent care near me...

    Shoulder Clinic

    Shoulder pain from sleeping, shoulder tendonitis and arthroscopy, shoulder arthroplasty and post operative care...

    Hand Clinic

    Joint or tendons, nerves, wound infection, carpal tunnel syndrome and surgical treatments...

    Hip Clinic

    Stretches for hip pain when walking, groin pain, joint arthroplasty, anterior vs posterior hip replacement, anterior hip replacement surgery information, hip replacement scar and post op care, hip flexor pain...

    Knee Clinic

    Knee arthroplasty and surgical complications, internal derangement of knee and arthroscopy, prp intra articular injection, acl sprain and reconstruction, acl brace, anterior knee pain...
    SOS-Foot Ankle

    Foot & Ankle Clinic

    Hammer toe, hallux valgus (minimally invasive bunion surgery, before and after), ankle brachial index, Ottawa ankle rules, sprained ankle brace, gout, ganglion cyst in ankle, ankle arthroscopy, achilles tendonitis...
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    Our team of highly trained professionals uses the latest healing technologies to restore you to pain-free health quickly and easily.
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    Doctor are choosing from our diverse pool of health specialists. Discover better health & wellness by using our doctor ratings & reviews to make your choice.


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    Doctor on demand:

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    secured answer,
    medically reviewed, and compassionate care from expert specialists,
    with or without health insurance plans.
    One Life, live it healthy with SOSVC medical clinic online!
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    SOSVC Team:

    • Need for medical answers, information, online doctor consultation or second opinion?
    • Secret to effective medicine is great care providers.
    • SOS Virtual Clinic is a healthcare platform founded by licensed specialized doctors currently practicing medicine in France, Israel, and the U.S.
    • Board certified, trained and experienced medical experts answer your questions.
    • SOSVC is part of the M4Life ™ project, a mission-driven health organization transforming doctor-patient relationship. We focus on patient-centered care and improved outcomes around the world.
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    Activate your SOSVC account.

    How to activate your SOS Virtual Clinic account and ask a question for free (*):

    1. Send "HELLO" to SOSVC WhatsApp Doctor Phone Number +972-55-945-8715.
    2. Choose "1" - Ask a doctor a question.

    • SOSVC Doctor Helpline Services Conditions:

      Some services may have a cost. You will be informed beforehand.
      Your prior digital consent after information is required before the performance of these services.

      Secured Medical Records - High Quality Dr App:
      we respect your privacy and your consent to share medical information. Get more information about our privacy policy.

      This is not a virtual urgent care service. If your issue is an emergency or requires immediate attention, call emergency services or go to your nearest emergency room. SOSVC is not an online pharmacy.

      Medical questions answered in the next two working days, generally one day.
    Get your answer with SOSVC.